Our Manufacturer

Established in 1997, Xi’an Sanjiang Bio-Engineering Co. Ltd., is a global manufacturer of exclusive ingredients for industries around the world.

Xi’an Sanjiang has earned the reputation of being a leader in quality, consistency and innovation among its peers. Our dedicated team of highly trained experts understand that their continuing mission is to draw upon the purest natural resources and to manufacture the finest ingredients from them.

Building on the belief that only the highest quality products can be made with the best of ingredients, Xi’an Sanjiang leverages its local presence by partnering with only the best raw material growers throughout Northern China that uphold to our rigorous standards.

From discovery through delivery, we produce products that are among the most trusted in the industry. Our commitment begins in our own, which allows us to be vigilant about our manufacturing practices and quality control. Quality is guaranteed through individual testing of each raw material and product batch by modern state-of-the-art methods.

In addition, Xi’an Sanjiang is ISO9001, Kosher and Halal certified. Inspections for compliance are performed by third-party agencies based out of Asia.

While guided and inspired by accumulated past knowledge and experience, Xi’an Sanjiang is equally motivated in using contemporary skills, technologies and environmental concerns to maintain its commanding position within the botanical industry.