Our Story

You may think of American Sanjiang and our exclusive manufacturer, Xi’an Sanjiang, as merely two sides of the same coin. Founded in 1997, Xi’an Sanjiang Bio-Engineering Co. Ltd., respectful of tradition and innovation alike, strives continually on a global basis to provide exclusive natural ingredients in an effort to promote health and wellness around the world. The result of success was the birth of American SanjiangBio Nutrition Inc. whose opening in 2000 began a new chapter in the company’s journey. American Sanjiang worked hard to establish itself, mindful of its great heritage but determined to carve its own identity into the U.S. market and has since grown into a globally recognized manufacturer of quality ingredients and cost effective solutions. Our core ingredient portfolio supplies botanical extracts, powders, amino acids, vitamins and specialty products designed for manufacturers and suppliers of supplements, formulations and other finished products in Health, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries.

our values

We believe that putting our traditional values into practice creates long-term benefits for those we serve.

  • We are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers. We actively listen to their needs and apply our insights to their requirements.
  • We believe ethics and integrity is the core of our operations. Adhering to the highest ethical standards allows us to make smart, deliberate decisions with the utmost integrity at all times.
  • We ensure quality and safety in every product that we develop, so that you may have peace of mind.
  • We encourage innovation in all aspects. Our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to promoting wellness by providing the highest quality ingredients available. The finest in all categories, fulfilling every product requirement and contributing great value to your business. Please contact us for more information on our quality products and services.

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